Town Hall Rental

Rules for Use of the Maine Town Hall

The following rules are to be followed when renting the Town of Maine Town Hall:

  1. The renter of the building must be a town property owner and is responsible for any damage to the building or equipment.  The town has the authority to charge the renter for any damages and if not paid, can be assessed to your property taxes.
  2. The town hall and premises should be left in the same condition as when you arrived.
  3. No decorations are allowed to be placed on the ceilings, walls, or woodwork with tape, thumbtacks, nails, etc.
  4. The Town is not responsible for articles lost or stolen.
  5. All garbage must be taken with the renter when they leave.
  6. No person is allowed in the front office room.
  7. No smoking allowed in the building.
  8. No standing or sitting on tables and no standing on chairs.
  9. Shut off all lights and lock all doors.
  10. Set thermostat to 55 degrees during months of October-May & set to OFF from June-September.
  11. Renter must pick up key from town custodian, and return key to drop box located on wall in entry.  Exit door by kitchen.
  12. Rental of the hall ends at 12:00 midnight.

Note:  It is recommended that you bring your own dishes and towels.  Please do not remove any items from the town hall.