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Recycling FAQ Sheet



Guidelines for Refuse Charges

1.     Refuse charges will be added to the property tax bill as a special assessment.  The       refuse charge is  billed for the previous year’s refuse service.

2.     All buildings (including hunting shacks) will have a refuse charge, unless a request for removal is brought to the town board.

3.     Refuse charges will be assessed in full on all residences, regardless of how often the owner sets out garbage.  Hunting shacks will be charged the full refuse rate as the town is billed, unless removal request is brought to the town board.

4.     Where a residence and business share the same pick-up site, only one refuse charge shall be assessed.

5.     New residences will be charged a pro-rated refuse charge. Refuse charges will be calculated starting on the first of the month after the first full month from the date the building permit was issued. (Example:  If the building permit was issued on January 10, 2014, refuse services will be charged beginning March 1, 2014)

6.     Refuse charges will be set on the land, not on the residence, where applicable.  (Example: a trailer home owned by one person, the land by another person, the trailer home owner or personal property bill would not be liable for the refuse charge, as it would go to the land.


Outagamie County provides free curbside recycling collection service to Maine residents.  Recycling is collected every other week on Monday’s. Maine residnts are required to purchase their own reusable bin.


Guidelines for collection:


·         Reusable bins must not exceed 33 gallons and not weigh more than 50 pounds when set at the curb.

·         Please mark your reusable bins with an Outagamie County Recycling Sticker, available upon request. Call (920) 968-5721 or email [email protected]

·         Place all recyclable materials in your reusable bin.  There is no need to separate paper from glass, aluminum, plastic and tin.

·         Do not place recyclables in plastic bags and do not place trash in your recycling bin.

·         All cardboard should be cut to no larger than 2 ft x 2 ft in size and secured on windy days.

·         Shredded paper should be placed in a brown paper bag, stapled closed and placed in your bin/cart.

·         Keep your reusable bin at least 4 ft away from your garbage cart.  The best solution is to place garbage and recycling on opposite sides of your driveway.







All Plastic Bottles & Containers:

Soda, Water & Other Drink Bottles

Food & Household Bottles, Jars and Jugs

Dairy Containers & Lids

Produce, Bakery & Deli Containers


Do Not Accept

No Plastic Bags, Wrap or Film

No Motor Oil Bottles

No Styrofoam



Empty and rinse all bottles and containers

Remove and discard all screw caps





Newspapers & Inserts

Cardboard & Paperboard (cereal & cracker boxes)

Junk Mail & Office Paper

Milk, Juice & Soup Cartons

Phonebooks, Books, Magazines & Catalogs


 Do Not Accept

No Paper Contaminated by Food or Grease

No Tissue

No Gift Wrap



Flatten and cut cardboard to no larger than 2’ X 2’

Place shredded paper in paper bag, secure and label




Aluminum Bottles & Cans

Steel, Tin & Bi-metal Cans

Empty Aerosol Cans

Food & Beverage Glass Bottles and Jars


Do Not Accept

No Aluminum Pans or Foil

No Empty Paint Cans



Empty and rinse all bottles and containers

Remove and discard all screw caps